Thursday, 10 July 2014

Slice the peach

 When should you split a user story? Think "when would you slice a fruit?"

  • A banana is big but manageable you'll probably eat it whole. You might want to slice it in certain circumstances.
  • A peach could get messy so i'd rather slice it
  • A kiwi is small but its hairy, i'm definitely slicing that!
Deciding when to slice a user story is not always easy. Often its difficult to apply hard rules. Its usually a balance of size and complexity.

In the above examples, a banana represents a big story that isn't complex, should size alone determine whether to split it? The kiwi represents a story that is small but highly complex, we know its hairy, we know we shouldn't bite straight into it but how to slice it is not obvious either? peel first? slice first?

The peach represents the story I see most often. It represents uncertainty. Once you bite into a peach you discover if it is hard, soft, juicy, extremely juicy! If you slice it up first then you know exactly what you're getting and its much more manageable if things do get messy

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